COVID-19 Resources

  OSPA Crisis Response Committee Resources

YouTube channel of all School Psychology Virtual Meetings
Crisis Response Resources
Addressing Death & Grief with Students with Disabilities
PREPaRE Primary Risk Screening
PREPaRE Triage Worksheet
PREPaRE Triaged Interventions
PREPaRE Traumatic Stress Screening Tools
PREPaRE Triage Matched to Intervention
PREPaRE Crisis Intervention Referral Form
Social-Emotional-Learning and Behavior Resources
Behavior Central Videos
Chicago PS MTSS -SEL
Integration of SEL
SEL/Behavior Screening Tools
What is SEL 
Assessment and Intervention Resources
Applying Florida’s Planning and Problem-Solving Process (Using RtI Data) in Virtual Settings
Assessment Validity Considerations and Validity Statement Sentence Starters
Best Practice Considerations For Assessment and Evaluation During Distance Learning
Sample informed consent form
Virtual MTSS
 OSPA White Paper Released June 2020

Special Education Evaluations and Virtual Assessment During the COVID-19 Global Pandemic



Links to other COVID-19 Information

NASP COVID-19 Resource Center
NASP Virtual Service Delivery Information

Oklahoma Department of Special Education
Oklahoma Department of Special Education Facebook Page
Form to sign up for OSDE-Special Education Listserv
Oklahoma SES Virtual Meeting Checklist
OSDE- Bulletin regarding timelines, March 24, 2020

Oklahoma Department of Education
OSDE COVID-19 Information

Oklahoma State School Board Association-FAQs

US Department of Education 
March 16, Fact Sheet
March 21, Supplemental Fact Sheet